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Grocery List Generator Lite - Create shopping lists and store all your recipes.

4.2 ( 8592 ratings )
Produktywność Żywność i napoje
Desenvolvedor: Martijn Kooij

Grocery shopping, reinvented.

Going out for grocery shopping? Make sure you have the Grocery List Generator (GLG) app on your device and you’ll be well-prepared! The GLG helps organize your recipes and create a tidy and complete shopping list. Enter your own recipes including all the necessary ingredients. And yes, there’s room for your toothpaste and laundry detergent as well. Add all your stores and make your own aisle mapping to create a shopping list optimized for each store. To make your list, simply tap some recipes check your stock items and finish it off by selecting any non-food items you need. GLG makes grocery shopping easy and fun!

The main GLG features:
- Enter your recipes including description, ingredients, quantities and photo;
- Add recipe ingredients and other groceries to the extensive built-in items list;
- The sync feature keeps everything up to date on your own devices, or on your partners device;
- Add all your stores and sort aisles in the right order;
- Share a recipe or your grocery list with friends through Twitter, email or copying the link;
- Import recipes from other GLG app users;
- Use your synced grocery list on your Pebble Watch;
- Import a grocery list from a friend.

Creating a grocery list and shopping:
- Simply tap a recipe from the list to add all its ingredients to your shopping list;
- Complete your shopping list by adding non recipe related items;
- Your shopping list is automatically sorted, based on your own stores and aisle mapping;
- While shopping tap items to move them to your “In my cart” list;

Advanced GLG features.
- Search recipes and ingredients by keyword;
- Separate non-food items from recipe ingredients (because toothpaste and macaroni dont mix);
- Create a stock item if you want to only manually add it to your shopping list;
- The order of aisles can be easily modified;
- Merge two aisles into one to easily reorganize your items.

Try before you buy: Lite version.
This is the Lite version of the Grocery List Generator app if you’d like to try it out first. The Lite version offers the same features as the standard version, but the number of recipes and items you can add, is limited. If you’re happy with it, you can buy the full version for unlimited storage!

From the creators of the successful Firefox add-on.
The GLG app is designed by the creators of the award winning Firefox add-on Grocery List Generator. This Firefox version has been downloaded over 250,000 times since 2005 with a 4 out of 5 stars ranking. In the 2009 Mozilla Extend Firefox 3.5 competition the Grocery List Generator was the first prize winner in the "Best Shopping Add-On" category!

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